Sunday, April 27, 2008

A year ago, having a website was just for the heck of it. Everyone's doing it, I should also get into the bandwagon. That was my attitude. I have been into graphic arts for the past 5 years but started on the web two years ago. I created my first site and I still can remember the name. It was a site basically created out of curiosity and groping in the dark trying to understand "what-the-heck-is-what" in the world wide web. My friends and I had all our sites hosted freely. It was such a thrill to see the work you did online. The design was really scary when i come to think of it right now. But that was where it all started. I was greatly influenced by my honey with web designing. She was actually the first teacher that taught me some of the basics. Interest and curiosity grew more each day as I venture into this new media. Being a graphic artist kept me offline but encountering this new media drove me to a new dimension of designing. I bought books, downloaded alot of things from the net (including virus ), shipped CDs in and practiced a lot. I got tired of running under a freehosting services wherein my scope of curiosity-expansion is very limited. I finally decided to get my own domain and a paid hosting. I did my hosting hunt on the web, basically having in mind that the host should be light on the budget and here in Noosa because of payment process.